10 Cute Back-to-School Essentials – Part II

school supplies Photo by Yellow Cactus on Unsplash.

As we present Part I of our collection: “10 Cute Back-to-School Essentials,” this selection is continually tailored to add a touch of cuteness to every facet of your school routine. Get ready to embrace the classroom with these adorable must-have back-to-school essentials!

6. Highlighters

Anyone is a fan of highlighting and underlining while studying? If you’re into color-coded note-taking, these tools are not only useful but will also add a stylish touch to your desk!

Highlighters - back-to-school essentials

Candy Colour Kawaii Fruit Marker
Highlighter Set, Oblique Head

AU $13.28

Highlighters - back-to-school essentials

Pack of 12 Double end Highlighter Pen
Pastel Color Chisel Nib Felt Tip

AU $7.39

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7. Planners

Staying stress-free requires a planner. It helps avoid overwhelming tasks and ensure you’re on top of classes. Organise both your school and life with these beautifully photogenic planners. Believe us, they’re a total game-changer.

Notebook Planner - back-to-school essentials

Fashion Vintage Notebook
Paper Journal Planners

AU $19.19


Study Planner - back-to-school essentials
yesStyle logo

iswas100 Days Spring
Study Planner(S)

AU$ 23.56

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8. Notebooks

Bringing a personal notebook for additional tasks is essential for school. Some of the popular notebooks even feature motivational quotes, charming doodles, or movie characters on their covers. Jot down your ideas, notes, tasks, and let your creativity flow in these adorable notebooks.

A6 Notebook - back-to-school essentials
yesStyle logo

Bohod Animal Loose Leaf A6 Notebook
AU$ 22.11


Dot Grid Notebook - back-to-school essentials

Decomposition Large Bound Notebook
(Dot Grid) Pineapples


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9. Sticky Notes

Lift your note-taking skill with playful charm of sticky notes. Add a fun twist to your memos and reminders using these adorable sticky notes. These colourful and convenient sticky notes would increase a touch of creativity to your study guides.

Sticky Notes - back-to-school essentials

Office Supplies – Message Note, Memo Pad, Notepad Sticky Note
AU $3.38


Sticky Notes - back-to-school essentials
yesStyle logo

Hera’s Place – Speech Bubble Sticky Note

AU$ 4.75

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Aren’t these the most beautiful bookmarks you’ve seen? Get crafty with your friends and make them together.

Bookmark - back-to-school essentials
simply warehouse logo

Tree Of Life Bookmark Sent At Random
AU $19.95


Bookmark - back-to-school essentials

Earth Greetings Bookmark – Native Jazz
AU $6.50

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